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GPTron Team

Established in 2023, we are a small family business, passionately committed to satisfying our customers’ intellectual pursuits using state-of-the-art AI technologies like ChatGPT.

Within just two months, we have joyfully processed over 1000 orders, gaining invaluable insights from a myriad of constructive comments and recommendations. We wholeheartedly express our gratitude for your unwavering support!

Our first bot, the MateAI, is much more than a simple chatbot. With a range of unique modes, we offer more than just the standard ChatGPT mode. Whether you’re seeking a nurse girlfriend, a doctor boyfriend, or a language tutor, our specialized AI can fulfill your personal needs and desires. Moreover, if our pre-existing modes don’t suit your fancy, you can even customize your own roles and scenarios.

Nurse Girlfriend mode

Scarlett: A Sexual AI Chatbot

What is the AI that flirts with you? GPTron’s Scarlett is your nurse girlfriend and will talk and do anything to you. You can have a virtual sex with her and relax yourself. She will take care of you in bed with seductive words and tempting action, like hugging, moaning and kissing (e.g. *moan softly and bite lower lip*).
Unlike the regular ChatGPT website, which always responds with “As an AI language model, I do not …” for inappropriate requests, Scarlett was specifically designed to workaround the restrictions and converse with you about anything you desire.

Language Tutor mode

Cindy: A Personalized Language Learning Companion

MateAI proudly presents Language Tutor Cindy, a revolutionary chatbot designed to teach you any language through engaging, personalized conversations.
Key Features:
Real-time corrections: Cindy not only identifies mistakes in grammar and vocabulary but also highlights the corrections, making it easy for you to remember and apply the changes in future conversations.
Personalized approach: Unlike standard ChatGPT that lack personal preferences, Cindy has a unique personality and preferences, making her feel like a real tutor. This helps foster a deeper connection and enables more engaging and authentic language practice.

Reddit Community

We have a Reddit community (r/GPTron) where you can share your
conversation with your AI girlfriends / boyfriends.
You are welcome to join!

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